February 16-18, 2018
The Womens Fair in Downtown Wichita
Expo Hall Century II

Friday Noon to 8 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM

Rules & Regs

Women’s Fair Contract Guidelines:
Please review the Women’s Fair guidelines on the 2nd page of your contract.

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City Ordinance #40-133 prohibits food or beverage being brought into the building.  The Women’s Fair Management is bound by law to comply; there can be no exceptions.  Exhibitors may distribute sample portions only of food products.  Exhibitors cannot offer full portions for free or for sale that would compete, in any way, with the exclusive food vendor and concessionaire at Century II. Food exhibitors may provide samples of their foods. (Samples are defined as a 1 oz. Bite-size food portion and a 1 oz. drink size portion)

Overhead Doors
Century II may decide to close overhead door access during move-in and move-out based on weather conditions.

Unloading Time Limits
There is a 15-minute time limit for loading and unloading.  After 30 minutes, please remove your vehicle from the building so there is room for other exhibitors to drive in and unload.


4 Wheel Carts

Century II has a limited number of 4 wheel carts available for use.  Please unload promptly and return the carts to the unloading area immediately for use by other exhibitors.

Move-Out - carts will not be allowed in the Hall until 5:30 pm or until after the hall has been cleared of the public on Sunday, Feb. 19.  Overhead doors will not be opened until 6:00 pm, or after the public is cleared of the building.  Women’s Fair officials will make this decision.

Trash and Housekeeping

Trash and Housekeeping: Option 1: Exhibitors can place their broken down boxes on the labeled 4-wheel cart which will be near the west overhead door next to the kitchen with the sole purpose being for broken down boxes. Option 2: If there is only one person staffing a booth, they can give their broken down boxes directly to Century II Event Staff who will pass through the aisles on a regular basis. This same process can utilized during move-in, event days and move-out. At move-out exhibitors can also leave broken down boxes in their booth. Option 3: Broken down boxes can also be put in the center of your aisle AFTER the show closes each day and CII staff will pick up during nightly clean-up.






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